Purpose of the Association: 

To gather a legitimate cellphone technician towards a friendly industry of technical service and repairs in order to protect its quality and standard professionalism.

To provide seminars pertinent and timely in order to render community services and to train those who aspire to become a professional mobile repair service personnel.

The association further intends to become part of a community which aims to support and participate in other government sectors, to work with for the betterment of the lives of the Filipino people.

We commit to provide a relative necessity to our members including Training workshop, Support resources, Livelihood, Health, Loan and other Opportunities pertinent in developing and enhancing the skills and ability to keep on track with the fast pace Mobile Phone Technology.

To be the leading community sector of Professional Mobile Phone Technicians who are engage in the industry of repairing mobile gadgets as a means of livelihood.

To value Professionalism, respect on client, apply the appropriate and standard solutions and to work together in order to make our job easier and efficient thus providing our clients